No short cuts to life’s greatest achievements – UWI graduate
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January 18, 2013

No short cuts to life’s greatest achievements – UWI graduate

Kayana Weekes, a graduate of the class of 2012 of the University of the West Indies Open Campus, has warned her colleagues that there are no short cuts to life’s greatest achievements.{{more}}

Weekes, who gained first class honours in Management Studies at the Bachelor of Science level, delivered the valedictory address at the Open Campus recognition of graduates ceremony, held at the Methodist Church Hall last Friday.

The Methodist Church Hall was filled to capacity, as friends and family members turned out to lend support to the 53 graduates.

“While we may have started at different points in our academic pursuits, we have stood as a team, faced the challenges, surmounted the obstacles and emerged victorious,” Weekes told her fellow graduates.

The first class honours student also spoke of some of the challenges faced during their time at university and commended UWI for coming to their assistance when needed most.

She noted that studying, working full-time and taking care of their homes were most difficult for herself and her colleagues.

“Many of us sacrificed our evenings, weekends and quality time that could have been spent with families, to be essentially camping on the compound of the University, studying or completing assignments.

“As we reflect on the many difficulties faced, we can say that we have emerged victorious,” she added.

The challenges were great, but they managed to overcome them, Weekes stated.

“Niccolo Machiavelli articulated that ‘Where the willingness is great, the difficulties cannot be great.’ It is true that some things may seem difficult or even impossible to achieve but, if it is our (heart’s) desire and we are prepared to go that extra mile, then it is achievable. So, amidst those challenges and difficulties our willingness to achieve was great.

“Now with those challenges behind us, I have emerged victorious, you my fellow graduates have emerged victorious, we have emerged victorious! We are now well-rounded and articulate individuals, who will transfer that which we have learnt into our work and personal lives,” Weekes further stated.

Meanwhile, Pro-Vice Chancellor representative for the University of West Indies Joan Bobb-Dann commended the graduates for their commitment towards higher education.

She further noted that a graduation ceremony for 53 individuals speaks of the high demand by Vincentians for advanced learning.

“The amount speaks of the importance of education to the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines and this in itself is a positive reflection,” she said.

Lawyer and former government minister René Baptiste delivered the feature address. In doing so, she spoke of the importance of continuous learning which, according to her, is a great necessity in today’s world.(AA)