Bowman wins Nine Mornings most popular Christmas song title
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January 11, 2013
Bowman wins Nine Mornings most popular Christmas song title

Roland Bowman has proved that he is this country’s king of Christmas Parang, after winning the 2012 Nine Mornings most popular Christmas song competition for the fifth time.{{more}}

Bowman gained the judges’ nod with his rendition, “Santa Brokes”, a song that was written by his brother Lennox Bowman.

“It feels real good because you put out songs every year, not with the intention of winning, but to entertain people… so it’s a great feeling to achieve winning the competition,” Roland Bowman told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday.

Carlton C.P. Hall with “Send D Barrel”, took the second position, with Luta placing third with his rendition, “Come inside”. Lennox Bowman placed fourth with his “Christmas Weave”.

The Nine Mornings competitions winners were announced last Saturday during a prize-giving ceremony, held at the Peace Memorial Hall.

In the VINLEC community lighting competition, Rose Bank won zone 1, Town Hill zone 2, New Grounds zone 3, Point Village zone 4 and Port Elizabeth zone 5.

Town Hill was adjudged National Champions.

Ces for Wes Gardens won the best lit garden.

Olivia Dasilva, for the second year, took home the winning prize for best lit private house.

Best Nine Mornings community went to Stubbs, while Carriere won best Christmas community.

Meanwhile, deputy chairman of the Nine Mornings committee Lennox Bowman told SEARCHLIGHT the 2012 festivities “lived up to expectations.”

Bowman explained that the festival has now evolved from its revival stages several years ago, where it is now community driven.

“Over the years, people have been saying Nine Mornings is not the way it use to be. It will never be the way it use to be totally, although right now there are elements of how it used to be…

“So it is evolving and we are happy that it is developing in a community driven way.”

The deputy chairman further noted that the addition of several elements, including the innovation of the lighting competition 14 years ago, has certainly helped to create the type of atmosphere for the quick revival of the festival.

According to Bowman, there were no reports of violence during the activities in the various communities and he commended the numerous individuals who attended those events for their good behaviour.

He also congratulated the various winners of the competitions and promises an even better and exciting Nine Morning festival this year.

Roland Bowman first won the Christmas Song competition in 2004 with “Peaceful Christmas”. His next win was “House of House” in 2006, followed by “Christmas Party” in 2007 and Bowmarang in 2008. All of his songs were written by his brother Lennox Bowman. (AA)