Prosecutor objects to bail as foreigners pose a flight riskGUYANESE NABBED
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October 5, 2012
Prosecutor objects to bail as foreigners pose a flight riskGUYANESE NABBED

Seven Guyanese will return to the Serious Offences Court on February 4 and 5, 2013 for a Preliminary Inquiry into three criminal charges.{{more}}

The seven, two of whom are women: Rizwan Mohammed Meerza, 35, bodywork man, Surendar Sookdeo, Kevin Orindi McLennan, 29, computer technician, Aslam Mohammed Wayum, 47, welder fabricator, Devindra Singh, 33 technician, Savitrie Sookraj, 34, acting manager, Gangadai Budhram, 54, hotel manager, appeared at the court on Wednesday, and were remanded in custody.

They are charged with having in their possession two red handle pliers, one X-ray paper, one extension cord, and other equipment for use in the course of burglary.

They were also charged with having in their possession, an implement, to wit, two red handle pliers, one x-ray paper, one extension cord and other equipment which to their knowledge have been specially designed or adapted for making of an instrument which is false and that they shall use the said instrument to induce someone to accept it as genuine and by reason of so accepting it to do some act to another person.

They were also charged with conspiring with each othe, to commit the offence of burglary on September 30, 2012.

Some of the other implements mentioned were 314 data cards, digital cameras, scanners, knives, drills, two laptops among others.

In court, prosecutor Inspector Nigel Butcher objected to the foreigners being given bail on the grounds that they are all flight risks and if given bail, they will hamper investigations.

Butcher told Chief Magistrate Sonya Young that six of the foreigners arrived at the E.T. Joshua Airport around 11:00 a.m. on September 30, whereas Singh arrived later that day.

Based on information received, Butcher said the accused said they were here on vacation. He said some of them even stated that they were going to Palm Island to spend their time.

The prosecutor added that the accused were asked how they were getting to Palm Island and they said by way of a car. He also told the court that the foreigners did not have a return date on their tickets and that investigations are continuing.

In defense of his clients, attorney Grant Connell said although the accused are foreigners, they could provide proper sureties for bail. He also argued that not knowing how to get to Palm Island was not a ground to deny his clients bail.

Connell also requested that the files be sent to the office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) soonest, so that they can be reviewed.

Approximately 12 witnesses are expected to take the stand. Sergeant 201 Hesron Ballantyne leads the investigation.(KW)