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August 31, 2012
Police search for suspected killer of Layou man

Commissioner of Police Keith Miller says cops will take steps to prevent acts of reprisal and protect residents of Layou as they continue to search for one of two men who fled to the mountains with a shotgun, after they reportedly shot and killed another townsman Saturday afternoon.

Police have identified the dead man as Evans Lynch, 38, who was gunned down in the street near Cash Ville, in the Central Leeward town around 1 p.m.

Miller said that detectives are still trying to apprehend Andy Quashie. Another man, identified as “Billie”, was arrested while Miller spoke to SEARCHLIGHT in Layou Saturday afternoon.

“The difficulty is that they left with a shotgun. We are asking the general public to relay as much information as possible in relation to these people,” Miller said, as cops with automatic rifles and sidearm and detectives investigated the killing.

Miller said information from residents could ensure their safety, if the suspect returns to the community.

He also said that persons could call him personally via the police headquarters at 457-1211 or directly at 456-1102. Persons with information about crime and criminals will not be asked to identify themselves, the police chief said.

“They do not have to give their names. I will not ask them their names. The police at control are sensitive enough to know once persons are calling with information not to ask them their names.”

Miller had earlier said that the men should turn themselves in to the police.

“I want to ask them to make life easier for them … Come and give up themselves to the police. Come and give their side of the story so that the court can have the matter dealt with,” Miller said.

Miller further said that police will go into the mountains to search for the suspected killer.

“We will try to follow their trails in an effort to [arrest] them…”

He also said that farmers might also aid police efforts in arresting the suspect.

“There are farmers within St Vincent who rather to go high up and grow their cabbage and tomatoes in the cooler climate. Those men will not want criminals up there. And I will not be surprised if the men up there bring them down for us. It happened in the past and I know it will happen again. So, being in the hills is no haven for a criminal — for a murderer. He is not even safe for a criminal. Because there are men up there who are not necessarily murderers and criminals and who will not want them up there.”

Information from police and residents suggest that the death may be part of an on-going feud that saw another of Lynch’s brothers gunned down years ago, and another landed in prison.

“… The deceased lost a brother in a similar fashion, hence the reason why I told you there is no need to take the law into your own hands,” Miller said.

He said he would check with police in Layou to see if any reports had been filed in relation to the murdered man or the suspects.

“This is blatant disrespect for the law,” Miller told SEARCHLIGHT while the police manhunt was underway.

He noted that while investigations were still underway, after listening to residents, he believes that the suspected murderers “have to be reckless people — very disrespectful”.

Miller noted that police have been asking persons not to take the law into their own hands.

“We have the law court that can deal with disputes and if you have dispute and you do not think you want to get to the court, you can meet with some respectable persons in the community or come to the police and ask the police to speak with persons who you are aggrieved with.”

Sergeant Atland Browne of the Major Crime Unit is leading the investigation. ([email protected])