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June 26, 2012
Ten calypso bards after Tajoe’s crown

It promises to be a fantastic finals come July 8, when ten calypsonians face off against Maxwell ‘Tajoe’ Francis for the title of Calypso Monarch at Dimanche Gras.{{more}}

Last Friday, June 22, twenty-two calypsonians put their best foot forward, at the 2012 semi-finals showdown, dubbed the Royal Rumble, at Carnival City Victoria Park.

When the dust settled, three former Monarchs were selected for another chance at glory, along with a number of other veterans in the calypso artform.

The former monarchs are Bridgette ‘Joy C’ Creese, Cornelius ‘Poorsah’ Williams, both of the Upstage Experience, and Elvis ‘Abijah’ Abbey from the On Tour Calypso Tent.

Also representing from Upstage Experience are Fitzroy ‘Brother Ebony’ Joseph and, though she may be new to the ‘Big Yard,’ Lornette ‘Fya Empress’ Nedd, is definitely not a newcomer to the big stage in Victoria Park.

Alvin ‘Zion I’ Dennie and Bernard ‘Reality’ White are the other representatives from the On Tour Calypso Tent, while Sonny ‘Sunny Banks’ Young, Glen ‘Bump I’ Richards, and Zamfir ‘ Man Zangie’ Adams will represent the Graduates Calypso Tent in the finals.