Young models take giant step on runway
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February 7, 2012
Young models take giant step on runway

While most of them were barely five feet tall, the Junior and Intermediate models of Mije made big steps on Sunday, February 5.{{more}}

The Peace Memorial Hall came alive with a kaleidoscope of colours as Mije presented their show: “Fashion is my Passion”.

As the flashes from cameras went off from left to right, the young models’ creativity came to life, as they blew kisses, and struck their very best poses for the cameras, as they moved along the catwalk.

The show saw some eight sections being displayed, including: ‘We love our heritage’ by Afrobbean Designs; ‘We love to set trends’, ‘Simply Chic and we love it’, by Simply Chic; ‘Bratitude’ by Kidz Town; ‘To fashion with love’, ‘Love to wrap’; ‘Swag’ by 12 year-old designer Rondine Browne; and ‘We love mystery’.

Each section was definitely parent-approved and with some of their own judging, the children seated in the front rows showed their appreciation for fine, tailored handiwork.

Director of Mije Jean Johnney-Findlay told SEARCHLIGHT that she is always elated when the little ones get the opportunity to showcase themselves.

“I think we put out a great package and the children really enjoyed it,” she said.

Johnney-Findlay said she definitely sees a great future ahead for young fashion designers and pointed out that she is happy with the level of creativity showcased.

The Arabesque Dance Company, Avenues Dancers and Luta provided the entertainment.

Proceeds from the show will be donated to charity.