30 graduates told: The sky is the limit!
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January 17, 2012
30 graduates told: The sky is the limit!

Thirty University of the West Indies (UWI) graduates were encouraged to use and develop their talents to enrich both their lives and their societies.{{more}}

The graduates were recognized for their academic success at the UWI, during a ceremony held on Friday, January 13, 2012, at the Methodist Church Hall.

Featured speaker at the event, Executive Director of the National Insurance Services (NIS) Reginald Thomas implored the graduates present to improve on their talents, so that they will not only benefit themselves, but others within their society.

Thomas urged graduates to become “talent plus” persons, to take steps to create a future and enhance and enrich their lives. He further encouraged them to never allow circumstances and adversities to define them, but to overcome such things and continue on in their journey to excellence.

“The Sky is the limit!” Thomas reiterated.

Thomas also encouraged the graduates to expand their talent by teaching others, taking them along the learning process. He further stated that their talent can be multiplied through teamwork and further encouraged the graduates to be excellent team players.

The 30 graduates received Bachelors degrees and diplomas in several subject areas, including Literary Studies, Mathematics, Accounting, Management Studies, Business Management, Diplomas in Business and Certificates in Online Journalism and Guidance and Counseling.

Valedictorian and the only graduate in the BSc Accounting programme Hugh King-Gaymes, addressing the graduates, congratulated them on their academic success made possible by their hard work.

“Today is the culmination of our hard work and discipline and for this we have no regrets,” King-Gaymes said, further extending gratitude to family and friends who supported them during their studies.

Also giving remarks, Dr Francis Severin, Head of the Open Campus in Dominica, extended congratulations to the graduates.

Severin told the graduates that much has been entrusted to them and therefore much is expected of them. He implored them to not inhabit selfish attitudes, but to engage in the task of mental enrichment, emancipating themselves from mental slavery.

He further encouraged them to follow the path of honesty, dignity and integrity as Caribbean citizens.

Commendations were also extended to new Head of the St Vincent and the Grenadines UWI Open Campus Deborah Dalrymple and gratitude was expressed to the former Head of the local campus Dr Adrian Fraser for his years of service to the institution. (OS)