Police unit takes up temporary residence at Ottley Hall
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January 10, 2012
Police unit takes up temporary residence at Ottley Hall

For the foreseeable future, residents of Ottley Hall will have a greater police presence in their community.{{more}}

A mobile police unit has been stationed in the area, and Commissioner of Police Keith Miller indicated that the vehicle and his men would be in the area ‘twenty-four, seven’.

The Commissioner, speaking to SEARCHLIGHT last Saturday, January 7, while on a walk through the area, said that the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVGPF) will do its part to improve the security of the residents in the area.

He indicated that in addition to the mobile police unit, other measures will be taken.

“Our improvement now is to have the mobile station fixed here for a while; I cannot tell you how long, but it will be here for as long as possible…. our police men and women will be manning it 24/7.

“Notwithstanding the presence of the mobile station, there are other things we will be looking at; other procedures will be implemented after thoughtful discussions with the Minister of National Security,” he said.

Miller said that along with the Unit, he hopes to put in place a direct telephone link to the Unit, so that the response time to incidents in the area would be greatly reduced.

The move to return the Unit to the area came days after the shooting death of Alvisha Browne on Wednesday, January 4.

Browne, 19, died instantly from a gunshot to the head, less than 50 meters from where the unit has been placed.

A heavy police presence had been visible in the area during the Christmas season, but had been removed.

Residents in the area told SEARCHLIGHT that the officers were victims of verbal abuse from some persons who did not appreciate their presence there, and who at times pelted the unit and officers with stones.

One resident, who applauded the police’s return to the area, said that he would sleep better knowing that police are on patrol, but the authorities needs to get ‘more serious’ with the known criminals in the area, if there is going to be any change in Ottley Hall.

“It is just ah few bad eggs who does do these things, but they making things difficult for all ah we,” the villager stated.

“What the police need to do is impose stiffer penalties when they arrest them and give no bail to them,” he added.

According to Miller, as part of greater police/community relations in the area, plans are on stream to initiate a police youth club in the area as well.

“Members of the Police Youth Club have been doing house to house visits to encourage parents to have their children get involved in the Police Youth Club and the response we are getting is very good.

“Every community project involves the community… we want more participation… It is working well, but can work better if we have more participation from the people themselves….I hope all these things we are doing will have a different mental impact here.”

The Commissioner thanked the Bridges, Roads and General Services Authority (BRAGSA) and the St Vincent Electricity Services (VINLEC) for their assistance in having the unit installed, just at the entrance to the community. (JJ)