Two LIME winners, 19 more to go
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December 16, 2011
Two LIME winners, 19 more to go

The students, and in particular one teacher of the Kingstown Government School, got a Christmas boost when Santa, LIME General Manager Leslie Jack and Marketing Manager Fitz Huggins dropped by to celebrate with the first winner of LIME’s Christmas of a Lifetime Promotion.{{more}}

Marva Bynoe, 47, is the first of 21 winners to receive their prizes in presentations that will take the LIME team around the island over the next two weeks. The second winner is 76-year-old Gordon Compton, a resident of Bequia.

The pandemonium started when the team arrived at the school. Santa Claus accompanied the team and was practically mobbed by dozens of students, and within minutes, the word spread throughout the school that their beloved Mrs. Bynoe was the first LIME winner.

The students were just as excited as their teacher and cheered her on with whistles provided by the LIME team. The teachers at the school were equally elated and excited as they showered Bynoe with confetti as she accepted the gift from LIME General Manager.

Surrounded by students and teachers, Bynoe received her certificate entitling her to free mobile service for 40 years.

“This Lifetime gift entitles you to mobile calls for the rest of your life without having to worry about paying a bill or topping up your phone. This is one less expense that you will have to worry about in what must be a very busy household,” said LIME’s Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager Fitz Huggins.

Bynoe will receive 2500 free minutes to local landline and mobile numbers, 400 texts to LIME mobile and 7GB of data, for 40 years. Bynoe qualified for the draw when she paid up her fixed line balance in full in November. She is now a new mobile customer on the most reliable mobile network in SVG.

Bynoe, although shocked and surprised with her luck, said: “This is the best news I have received all year. I don’t have to worry about paying my phone bill, and added to that I am now a new mobile postpaid customer who will receive free service for the rest of my life. I want to thank the Almighty for his blessings and I will always be an ambassador for LIME. I will make sure my fellow teachers join the LIME network because LIME is the best.”

General Manager Leslie Jack handed over the gift certificate to Bynoe and congratulated her for being the first of 21 lucky Lifetime winners. Jack said: “Our Lifetime promotion is creating quite a stir with our customers, and I am happy to be presenting you with free mobile Lifetime services. The promotion is a direct response to the times in which we live. The world economy is struggling and we believe that the winners this year will benefit tremendously since we are not even sure when the world is going to recover fully from this recession. So this is one less worry for you, a LIME bill for a LIFETIME.”

The LIME officials will visit Compton over the Christmas season to present him with his prize of FREE Fixed line services for a LIFETIME. Compton paid his fixed line bill in full in November and qualified him for the draw. When Compton received the call that he won the prize he was very excited and said: “It pays to pay. I always pay my phone bill on time and I never owe LIME. This is just reward finally, even after so many years of having the service. The service is very good, but even at 76 years of age, I can still celebrate the fact that I won’t have to pay my bill for the rest of my life.”

The LIFETIME promotions will see a total of 21 lucky customers winning LIFETIME prizes. Twenty customers will win fixed line, broadband and mobile prizes and one customer will receive all three services bundled FREE for a LIFETIME. Customers, who top up, pay their bills in full and on time and purchase products and services during the promotion period qualify to win the lifetime prizes.