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August 16, 2011
Greiggs community in state of shock

Thirty-three-year-old Stephmnie Daniel, mother of three from the community of Greiggs, became this country’s most recent homicide, after she succumbed to a single stab wound to her neck, last Sunday, August 14.{{more}}

It is alleged that Daniel was attacked and stabbed by her former lover shortly after 4 pm.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that the woman was in the company of two other female friends when the accused approached her.

Shirley Wilson, one of the two women who were with Daniel at the time of her tragic death, said that the young woman had passed by her home to visit and they were sitting around talking, when Daniel’s former boyfriend confronted her.

Wilson said that the man accused Daniel of talking about him, at which she (Wilson) intervened and denied the allegation.

The now deceased woman then made an attempt to leave, when, according to Wilson, the man pushed her down on a chair.

Wilson said that she did not see when the man took out the knife, but heard when Daniel screamed out.

She expressed her sorrow, saying that she and the deceased knew each other well.

“When I lose my leg, she used to bathe me, she used to cook for me, so we close,” Wilson told SEARCHLIGHT.

She further contended that nobody ever expected that this would have taken place.

The distraught woman explained that Daniel had moved back home about a week before the incident occurred, after an earlier altercation with her boyfriend.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that the couple had been romantically involved for a few years; however, they had no children together.

Elvett Maloney, the deceased woman’s brother, was also present when the deadly attack occurred.

He said that his sister called out for him to hold her, adding that he became overwhelmed and ran off to inform the rest of the family.

The tragedy has had a devastating effect on the entire family, SEARCHLIGHT understands.

Daniel’s father, Benjamin Delplesche, said that it has been rough trying to come to grips with the tragedy.

“Dis morning, I couldn’t even go an’ sleep self,” he said.

“Ah bawl, ah bawl cause ah know my daughter nuh do dat guy nothin’,” he continued.

Delplesche said that he had given up drinking for a while now, but after he heard the news of his daughter’s murder, he has gone back to the habit.

He said that he loved his daughter very much, saying that there was nothing that she would not have done for him.

“He kill me daughter fo nothin’, fo nothin’ he kill me daughter,” the grieving man told SEARCHLIGHT.

Delplesche said that he had never heard his daughter complain; then again, most villagers described Daniel as an easygoing person.

Elizabeth Daniel, the victim’s mother, was leaving the Levi Latham Health Centre in Mesopotamia when SEARCHLIGHT caught up with her on Monday, where she had gone to visit one of her other children who had taken sick after hearing the tragic news.

Daniel was adamant that her daughter would have been alive today, had the Police been quicker to respond.

According to Elizabeth Daniel, her daughter made a report to the Biabou Police after the earlier altercation had taken place between her daughter and former boyfriend, a week before she was eventually killed.

Another report was made on Monday, the mother reported, because she (Stephmnie) wanted to get her things out of the house she and her former lover shared.

“She called and called, but they told her to wait,” the mother said, adding that they both went down to the station again on Friday.

“They told her they would come Friday afternoon, but they never turned up until yesterday (Sunday) when she dead.”

Elizabeth Daniel said that all her and her children’s clothes were in the house and when Stephmnie left home on Sunday, it was to go to look for an officer to accompany her to retrieve the items.

She added that her daughter did say that if she did not get through with that, she would go and visit her friend, Shirley.

That was to be the last interaction mother and daughter would have.

Aubrey Ashton of Greiggs is assisting the Police with investigations.

A post mortem examination is expected to be performed on the body a police report said.