Man dies in hail of bullets at Cane End
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July 19, 2011

Man dies in hail of bullets at Cane End

Police are investigating the shooting death of 22-year-old Curtis “Lyndon” Browne of Cane End, which occurred at Cane End in the Marriaqua Valley last Friday, July 15, around 7:40 p.m.{{more}}

According to Police, Browne died after receiving multiple gunshot wounds about the body.

The deceased man’s step-father Artis Hunter told SEARCHLIGHT that Browne had just left the house to go down the road to sit on the wall.

The man said he then heard what sounded like a series of gunshots.

“Me other son run come up and say look Lyndon lay down there dead,” Artis Hunter added.

When asked if Lyndon had received any death threats, Artis Hunter said that he was only informed of the threats after his step-son’s death.

According to Hunter, this was the reason why Browne had returned home about a month ago from where he was staying in Gomea.

He said that he had enjoyed a good relationship with his step-son.

“He never drink or smoke,” Artis Hunter said, adding that his son was not known to be a troublesome person unless provoked.

“It is really sad to lose a son in that kind of manner.”

“I ain’t go pray fo nuttin bad fo happen, but dat person go come back to dat spot and expose themself,” Artis Hunter said.

Mother Greta Hunter said that she never expected this to happen to the second of her eight children.

“Me nah expect dat woulda happen. My son doh trouble nobody unless you trouble him; he quiet and cool,” she said.

The couple said that they now have the task of making funeral arrangements, which Artis admitted was going to be a financial challenge.

He told SEARCHLIGHT on Saturday that he would have to begin seeking financial assistance to bury his son.

Curtis “Lyndon” Browne is the brother of 18-year-old Shanroy Browne, who, along with three other youths, was remanded in custody in December 2010, charged with the murder of Lisbon Lavia of Sandy Bay on December 19, 2010.

The murder of Curtis “Lyndon” Browne occurred months after another Cane End resident Edwin ‘Palmer’ Robinson, was shot and killed during a robbery back in February this year.