Truck overturns trapping man
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June 17, 2011
Truck overturns trapping man

One man(inset) was trapped for half an hour under a pile of sand on Wednesday afternoon, when the truck (above) he was riding on overturned in the Stubbs area.{{more}}

Searchlight understands that at about 5:00 p.m., the truck, which was travelling in the direction towards Kingstown, started sliding and swerving along the road, until it finally rolled and crashed into a house, destroying almost one third of the building.

The truck, which was badly damaged, overturned, covering the rider with sand, and trapping one of his legs under the truck’s pan. A crane provided by Yankee Girl had to be used to lift the truck so that the man could be freed. He was taken to hospital for treatment of his injuries, including what appeared to be a broken leg.

Eye witnesses say a man, who resides in the house, had moments before the crash, been seated in the porch of the building. He apparently got up, just before the incident happened.