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December 10, 2010
Woman’s throat slashed, attacker hospitalised after drinking gramoxone

A 23-year-old pregnant woman is lucky to be alive today, after being slashed across her neck by her ex-boyfriend.{{more}}

Shevorn Bailey, a store clerk, was attacked on Monday, December 6, around 6:30pm, by Urondo Frederick as she made her way to her home at Largo Height.

Frederick, 25, of the same address, was, up to press time, still at patient at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH) battling for his life after ingesting the weedicide, Gramoxone, shortly after the attack.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited the heavily bandaged Bailey at the Female Surgical ward of the MCMH on Tuesday, she related the horrific ordeal with eyes overflowing with tears.

“I was coming from work last night, and when I was walking down, I see somebody walking behind me in pure black,” she recalled.

Bailey said her attacker uttered something to her, but she did not hear what he said.

“…At the same time he come from behind and I see he drink something from a bottle and hold me neck and start to slice it,” she sobbed.

She said she managed to pull the knife away from Frederick, after which she rolled down an embankment to safety.

Bailey revealed that she has been a victim of physical abuse at the hands of Bailey on many occasions in the past and has reported him to the police. She also believes that her attack was triggered because of Frederick’s jealousy, because she is now pregnant for another man.

Bailey, who has a three-year-old child with Frederick, told SEARCHLIGHT she ended things between them quite a while ago.

“He say I used to cheat on him. But I feel real bad. I don’t want to see him,” she said forcefully.

Witnessing the entire ordeal, Frederick’s uncle, Kerrol Duncan,

told SEARCHLIGHT he was standing on his porch and saw Frederick sitting nearby, in the dark, for more than half an hour.

Duncan said he then saw Bailey alight a minibus and while passing his gate, she said goodnight. Moments later, he said Frederick walked slowly past his gate without saying a word, something Duncan said he found unusual.

“After he get closer to the girl, I heard him say something, but she look back and asked him what he said. By the time I got out of the gate, Urondo had already held her by her throat and I didn’t know he was cutting her.

I thought he was choking her, but she managed to slip away and roll over the bank,” Duncan recounted.

He said Frederick attempted to pursue Bailey, but slipped and fell. Duncan said Frederick then took a bottle from his pocket and drank something from it.

Duncan said he went to where the incident took place and discovered that his nephew had swallowed Gramoxone.

“It’s a surprise he did this foolish act. I really did not expect this from him,” he said.

Meanwhile, father of Bailey, Harris “Pipes” Richardson, said his blood pressure has gone up since the incident and he did not want to speak much.

“Me pressure high and I can’t take it, but I just glad she alive,” he noted.