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August 13, 2010
Cop to be charged with murder of SSU officer

Police constable Rohan McDowall is to be charged with murder.{{more}}

Director of Public Prosecutions Colin Williams told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday that he has given instructions to the police to charge the officer with the murder of Special Services Unit (SSU) Officer Kingsley John.

On Monday, a police source had told SEARCHLIGHT that the shooting which took place at the Biabou Police Station on the morning of Saturday, August 7, was accidental, but the officer has retracted this statement, noting that information he has since received contradicts the first statement.

“As far as I am hearing, it was not quite accidental, and I wouldn’t say that there was any intention either to kill,” said the senior police officer on Wednesday, August 11.

While Officer McDowall has been sent on leave, up to press time he had not been charged.

The officer said the police are still awaiting a report from the investigating team and have even provided counsel- ling for those involved in the investigation.

“It’s difficult in the absence of that (report) to come to a conclusion,” said the police officer.