Frenches man stabbed to death
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May 28, 2010
Frenches man stabbed to death

Sheldon “Shelly” Walker should have celebrated his 22nd birthday yesterday, instead his family are now making funeral arrangements for him.{{more}}

Walker, 22, a farmer of Frenches, met his death on Sunday, May 23 after he sustained stab wounds about his body during an altercation at another man’s home in the area.

His family is only asking one question, “Why?”

Mother, Patricia Walker believes that the life her son led should not have led to that kind of death.

“He wasn’t rude to anyone and was only trying to get somewhere in life,” Walker moaned.

Recalling the tragic day, Walker said she was at home when one of her other sons told her that Sheldon was in the road bleeding.

“When I go out to see what happened, I see he sit down on a wall with somebody holding him up,” she stated.

Walker said Sheldon got up from where he was sitting and took off his trousers. “I see he tek off he pants and then run down in his grandmother’s yard and then he dead after that,” she noted.

Walker died close to a standpipe just outside his grandmother’s home, where he lived.

The mother of six said that the loss of her first child has left her with more questions than answers . “I am just trying to keep the faith because the whole family is just sad about all of this.”

The most visibly distraught of the family, Sheldon’s Grandmother, Thelma Walker, did not just see Sheldon as her grandson, but rather one of her very own. “I raised that child from since he was a baby. I took him from his mother and I gave him everything. I been really love that boy,” she sobbed.

Noting that she has barely eaten since the incident, Thelma recalled that when she saw her grandson covered in blood, she had to be held up by other residents in the area. “I see he run come home and go inside pon the bed and about five minutes after he rush come out and go by the sink and he dead right there,” said Thelma.

Sheldon was a past student of the St Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua and was described as a young man who had big plans for his life.

The incident is said to have taken place at the nearby home of Solomon “Realist” Laborde about 10:30am on Sunday.

Laborde’s father, Rupert Alexander, who lives in an apartment in the same yard as his son, told SEARCHLIGHT that he heard a commotion coming from his son’s room. “When I come outside, I saw Shelly running out of my son room and going down the hill with blood coming from his back,” Alexander recounted.

The Carnival costume designer expressed sympathy for the Walker family on the loss of Sheldon. “I feel it fo he mother. Now they have to bury him.”

On Thursday May 27, Solomon “Realist” Laborde, 24, also of Frenches was charged for the murder of Walker. He was remanded into custody.