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May 28, 2010
Body found at Rabacca, foul play suspected

Foul play is suspected in the death of Glenson Johnson, 38, a farmer of Greiggs, whose body was found last Friday, May 21, at Rabacca.{{more}}

According to a release from the police, Johnson’s lifeless body was discovered at the back of a shed where he lived at Lot 14 Mountain, Rabacca Farm, with a wound to the back of the head.

The release stated that Johnson died sometime between 1:00 and 4:40 pm on May 21.

When asked about a possible motive, family members said that they could not think of any reason why someone would want to kill Johnson.

“I told him to come back (home) but he said that he was cool up there,” Ernest Williams, Johnson’s cousin explained.

“Glenson was not a rowdy person, he seldom spoke, so even if he was hurt by someone he would not have spoken about it,” Williams continued.

Nevertheless, the man said he still cautioned his cousin that he should be careful.

“Is God alone know how me son meet he death,” Valcina Walker, mother of the deceased said.

She added that was the second tragedy she has had to endure; her last son was killed in a bicycle accident back in 2000.

“I really feel so sad – I lose one already – the last one and the condition of that one and now someone come and take the other one life,” the distraught woman said.

Johnson relocated to Rabacca some three years ago, a decision Walker said her son made to allow for easier access to the family lands in that area.

He did, however, make frequent visits to the family home in Greiggs to bring fresh produce, his mother reminisced.

The last time Johnson visited home, however, was back in April when he brought some breadfruit for the family.

“From that I doh see him again,” Walker lamented.

She told SEARCHLIGHT that she got the news of her son’s death a little over an hour after the body was discovered.

“We (the deceased man’s parents) didn’t know anything,” she said.

She gave an account of what she saw after she went to the scene.

Johnson was lying face down, clad in a pair of water boots and pants. He was not wearing a shirt, his mother said.

Relatives say that the tragic circumstances surrounding the man’s death have been difficult for them to come to terms with.

“Up to now I can’t believe it,” Gracelyn Johnson, cousin of the deceased said.

“He don’t trouble people, up to now I can’t believe the thing,” she added.

Johnson’s death brings to three the number of persons from the Greiggs area who have lost their lives in recent times under tragic circumstances.

On May 15, Lawson Matthews was chopped to death after an altercation with another man; on the same day, Roger Rollins succumbed to the injuries he sustained after falling off a bridge in Kingstown.

Up to press time, no arrest had been made in the matter. (DD)