Young trickster pleads guilty
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April 23, 2010
Young trickster pleads guilty

At age 18, Kizzy Chandler already has a criminal record for deception and theft.{{more}}

Come this Monday at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court, the Ottley Hall resident will learn her fate after pleading guilty to three charges.

Chandler pleaded guilty to deceiving 64-year-old retired Nurse, Anna King, of over US$300 on April 12, 2010. She also pleaded guilty to stealing EC$1,370 and £40 from Lafleur Jacobs and stealing a purse from Evelyn Hooper. Both offences took place on March 22.

The court heard that on April 12, Anna King was at home around 10 am when her neighbour brought a crying Chandler to her home in Cane Hall. The facts further stated that Chandler posed as a Real Estate agent from Anguilla, who was staying at the Sunset Shores Hotel.

It was said that Chandler told King that when she was approaching her car, she saw a man coming from the location where her vehicle had been parked. Chandler stated that she made checks and recognised that her purse with all her money was missing.

Chandler reportedly said she had made a report to the police station in Kingstown and learnt that the would be thief was living in Cane Hall.

She complained to King that she was travelling later that day and asked to borrow US$300, stating that she would return the money to King via Western Union Money Transfer. After dishonestly obtaining the money, Chandler returned a second time and borrowed $50 from King to put petrol in her vehicle.

It was then that King’s suspicion was aroused and she called the police. When the police were at King’s home, Chandler returned for a third time, but was caught red-handed by the lawmen.

In relation to the other charges on March 22, Chandler entered the Majestic Bridal Shop in Lower Middle Street and told the proprietor, Lafleur Jacobs, that she was about to get married. The court also heard that Jacobs received a telephone call from her husband and had to go outside the store to collect something and left Jacobs in the store alone. Upon her return, Jacobs’ purse, which was on a counter, was missing.

Chandler was questioned about the disappearance of the purse, but denied knowledge of it. It was while Jacobs was making a telephone call to the police that Chandler fled the store.

Chandler was far from finished with her dishonest deeds.

That same day, she went to the Fullworth Boutique in the Marcole Plaza and stole a purse belonging to clerk, Evelyn Hooper.

The court was informed that like Jacobs, Hooper, too, had her purse on a counter when Chandler entered the store. When Hooper’s back was turned, Chandler is said to have made her clean getaway with the purse.