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April 1, 2010
Big things on cards at Buccament Bay Resort

From all indications, great things may be in store when the first phase of the Buccament Resort is completed and opened in the next three months.{{more}}

A confident Harlequin Hotel and Resorts Chairman David Ames said at the press conference on Friday that the ‘soft opening’ of close to 300 rooms at the multi million dollar facility will showcase a number of features not yet seen in the Caribbean.

The Harlequin boss disclosed that a ship similar to one used in the award winning Pirates of the Caribbean movies will be sailing to these shores.

He indicated that the ship, which is also a restaurant, will be part of the opening ceremony when the resort is opened in July.

“And that’s going to be something unique and different,” he added.

Ames also indicated that the world renowned Traders Vic Restaurant will be one of a wide variety of eating establishments that would be found at the site, which would be offering foods from every corner of the world to its guests.

A marina, which is also to be completed and ready by July, is expected to draw yachts to the resort before or after these vessels travel to the Grenadines.

“What we expect is that many of them will be stopping off because we are trying to put together the opportunity to bring them more to the island while they sail by.”

According to Ames, a world leading spa operator is also expected to set up shop at the resort, with a 45,000 square feet facility to be constructed by the time the entire project is completed in 2012.

“Also opening in July, we have the Liverpool Football Club coming through to coach your local coaches and guests at the resort.”

1987 Wimbledon tennis champion Patrick “Pat” Cash will also be visiting to set up a tennis academy at the resort.

“There are more than enough facilities that will be there for the first phase,” Ames noted.

He indicated that in the second and following phases, a casino, more restaurants and themes will be constructed and developed over the next two years.

According to Ames, without major marketing and promotion of the resort, there are already 1000 persons who have booked reservations at the venue, which is estimated to cost more than $250 million.

He said that it would be the responsibility of everyone employed at the resort to ensure that whether it was five or 500 guests, each visitor should have a five star experience.

Ames, though confident of a prompt July launch, once again appealed for all responsible for the July deadline to remain committed, so as to ensure a successful project.