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March 5, 2010
Two stare death in face and survive

Having stared death in the face a Fair Hall couple believes miracles still happen.{{more}}

In the wee hours of Saturday, February 27, 2010, Laurace Ralph, a 50-year-old domestic and her common-law husband Zalman Goodluck, 56, were brutally attacked at their home.

Ralph received several stab wounds, cuts, and lacerations about her body, while Goodluck, who has been paralyzed since August 2009, was battered and stabbed, as well as chopped in his head.

Recalling the frightful experience on Wednesday from her hospital bed at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH), Ralph said it was just after 3 a.m. when she heard someone attempting to break off her door.

She remembered putting on the light recognizing a young man who visits her home.

“I said how you come all this hour after three and break my door so. He said he want to talk to me,” said Ralph.

The battered woman said after he refused to leave she called the police.

“He approached me and come in with a knife. He pushed me in the next bedroom. Threw me down on the bed, wrestling with me, and start to pelt the stab and them,” Ralph exclaimed.

“I got the knife and threw it behind the bed. After that he start to choke me. I could not have breathe anymore. I gave up,” said Ralph.

“He said I want some sex when I done get some sex I am going to kill you and kill myself,” reminisced Ralph.

Ralph told SEARCHLIGHT that she was bitten on her lips just before her attacker sunk his thumbs into her eyes.

“He tried to rape me but he did not get through,” she sighed.

Ralph noted that her attacker closed the bedroom door and left her there. She immediately scampered to the window and jumped out.

“I was running but drifting. I went in some high bush and hide away,” said Ralph.

At this stage the attacker made an onslaught on the crippled Goodluck who had been baptized in the Spiritual Baptist religion less than 24 hours before.

“He stand up over me and he said ‘you see me this family here have me corrupt and I killing all of them and when I kill, I killing all five and six one time. He pull out the knife and start to stab me,” said Goodluck, pointing to a wound on his abdomen.

“When he coming down with the third one I grabble him and me and he start to fight and I wring the knife and I get it break. He didn’t even self realize that the knife break. He was still stabbing.

“When he get to realize only the handle he had in his hand, he left and he go out. Well I think he done with me. He come back with a piece of wood and he start to beat me from down there (the pubic area) come up,” stated Goodluck.

Goodluck told SEARCHLIGHT after receiving a blow to his head he held his breath and pretended that he had died.

He said at this stage his attacker lit the mattress afire as well as the pillow that was under his head.

“I hear when he slam in the bedroom door and I hear when he slam the front door. I said ok he gone,” said Goodluck who had to struggle to put out the fire under him.

Ralph was able to alert the neighbours and return with help him.

The police have arrested 30-year-old Stephenson Moses, and have slapped several charges against him.