Greiggs family seeking justice for near fatal attack
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December 30, 2009
Greiggs family seeking justice for near fatal attack

The Matthews family of Greiggs is seeking justice following a Christmas Day altercation which left 4 members of that family nursing injuries.{{more}}

Hyacinth and her son Lawson suffered the full brunt of the brawl, which began sometime after nine last Friday morning.

The tragic turn of events started with an attack on Hyacinth’s son, who was, according to eyewitnesses, stabbed and badly beaten after an altercation with a man from a neighbouring village.

Clay Ann Matthews, Lawson’s aunt, told SEARCHLIGHT that she was standing a few feet away from where the incident took place.

She said she tried to bring calm to the argument, but was unsuccessful in doing so.

“The next thing I knew, I saw de man on top my nephew,” she said.

Dawnley Matthews, Lawson’s uncle, was also on the scene at the time and said that as he turned his back, he heard the initial commotion.

He then turned around in the direction of the disturbance and saw his nephew being attacked.

Dawnley said that he, too, received a bottle to the face during the fracas and returned to his home to deal with his wounds.

However, the drama would take an even uglier turn when Lawson’s mother turned up at the scene.

Hyacinth said that she heard that her son had been involved in the chilling incident.

She said that she immediately went to the scene and saw her son covered in blood.

Hyacinth said that as she was taking her son away to seek medical attention, she was struck by a vehicle and knocked unconscious.

Sylvanus Matthews, another uncle, said that he heard about the altercation some time after.

He was warned not to go to the scene, but went ahead.

Sylvanus recalled getting to the scene and he too, saw his nephew covered in blood.

“I grabble him and say leh we go home,” Sylvanus said.

That was when the vehicle hit his sister, Hyacinth and his already injured nephew Lawson.

Sylvanus said that he was able to jump out the way in time, suffering minor injuries to his legs, left arm and face.

Hyacinth was dragged a few yards away and knocked unconscious.

But according to persons present at the scene of the crimes, the attack with the vehicle was intentional and it has also been alleged that it was perpetrated by the same individual responsible for the initial attack.

It was also alleged that that individual was also injured in the attack.

Reports reaching SEARCHLIGHT indicate that as many as 6 persons were taken to the Mesopotamia Clinic to be treated from injuries sustained during the altercation.

Sylvanus and other members of the family say that, they would like for justice to take its course and for the individual who has caused so much pain to be dealt with according to the law.

“Me and de man (the accused) used to move good,” Sylvanus said, noting that he did not know what would have led him to do such a thing.

Up to press time, no arrests had been made and the Biabou Police were carrying out investigations.