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December 4, 2009

Man knocked down, robbed, while making night deposit

A Good Samaritan saved the day for Austin Mounsey last Sunday evening, shortly after he was robbed while making a deposit at a commercial bank in Kingstown.{{more}}

According to reports reaching Searchlight, Mounsey, a supermarket proprietor of Richland Park, was making his deposit when he received a blow to his back, which knocked him to the ground.

SEARCHLIGHT was informed that at that stage, he had two bags of money which were grabbed by a hooded robber.

It is understood that a man, who was on his way to church, heard Mounsey’s cry for help and tried to stop the assailant.

It is claimed the man tried to grab the robber and in an attempt to free himself the robber dropped the money bag with the larger portion of cash before escaping with the smaller bag.

SEARCHLIGHT was told that Mounsey has suffered losses from robbers on numerous occasions at his business.

He declined to comment when SEARCHLIGHT contacted him on the matter. (HN)