Union Island youths lost on boat trip from Carriacou
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October 16, 2009
Union Island youths lost on boat trip from Carriacou

The mothers of two men who have been missing at sea for more than three weeks are holding on to hope that their sons are safe.{{more}}

Susana Thomas and Mel Coy are however struggling with conflicting stories pertaining to the disappearance of the young men, who were last seen on Sunday, September 27.

On that evening, four men: 22-year-old Terrence Thomas of Union Island and Luwanga Coy, a 20-year-old native of Carriacou, residing in Union Island and two other men, were travelling on Coy’s pirogue from Carriacou to Union Island.

During the trip from Carriacou to Union Island, which normally takes about half an hour, reports are that the four encountered difficulties.

According to Union Island police, the survivors claim that midway between the two islands, the boat hit a wave and began taking on water. Coy and Thomas remained with the sinking vessel, clinging to the bow, while the other men swam to Union Island where they sought help.

Police say that with help, the men returned to the area, but neither Coy, Thomas, nor boat was found. Searches conducted by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Coast Guard turned up nothing, and investigations continue.

Luwanga’s mother Mel, speaking to Searchlight from Carriacou indicated that apart from the official report, she has been hearing different stories on the streets.

She said that the survivors, one of whom she identified as her son’s uncle, have never told her what happened to her son.

“They never come to me and say anything. One giving one story and the other one saying something else. I find it funny,” she mused.

She also lamented the survivors’ lack of remorse or grief since the incident occurred.

Terrence’s mother shared similar concerns about what actually took place, because of the various accounts allegedly given by the survivors.

“We don’t know what happened out there. You don’t know which is the truth.”

According to the parents, Luwanga was not the best of swimmers, while Terrence was unable to swim.

Susana, however, feels that her son, the first of her two children, who celebrated his birthday last Wednesday, is safe somewhere saying: “I still have feelings in my heart that he still alive… he is a fighter, he is determined.

“I believe maybe he somewhere… I am holding on to that belief,” states Mel of her first of five children, who is expecting his first child later this year.

The mothers are asking that persons with information to contact the police on either island or in Grenada where reports were made, or to the parents themselves.

The men were in an unnamed red and white boat, covered with designs of playing cards.