Two men bludgeoned  to death at Indian Bay
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September 4, 2009
Two men bludgeoned to death at Indian Bay

Residents of Indian Bay awoke last Sunday morning to the news of a shocking double murder in their area, and the miraculous escape of a 16-year-old girl who was with one of the men when he was killed.{{more}}

The battered bodies of Mwando “Tiba” Diamond, 25, and Leslie “Fox” Ollivierre, 52, were found in the wee hours of Sunday at the Coconut Beach Inn at Indian Bay. Diamond, originally of Campden Park, lived at Coconut Beach Inn, but was in the process of moving.

Ollivierre, of Arnos Vale, was a labourer.

Police believe the murders occurred between 8:15 p.m. August 29 and 3 a.m. August 30.

Sources claimed the teenager escaped unhurt and alerted the police that a masked man had attacked her and her companion, a minibus conductor.

Members of the Diamond family were consoling each other and reminiscing on the fun times they shared with the deceased when SEARCHLIGHT visited Campden Park last Sunday shortly after midday.

“I remember him as troublesome, yet friendly,” said Michelle Diamond, sister of the young man.

She said she last spoke to her brother one night before he was killed, but did not sense trouble in his voice.

“I was the first person he would call when he was in trouble and I was the one who got the news this morning shortly after five,” said a distraught Michelle.

Michelle said when she saw her brother’s body at the mortuary it had bruises on the face and feet, and “a big cut on his forehead”.

She said she was at loss as to why anyone would kill her brother.

“It’s a sad loss,” Michelle said with a sigh, adding Carnival Tuesday was the last time she saw her brother. She said they even had a light moment when she asked him how many children he had and his response was “13”.

Diamond’s aunt, Jessery Diamond, added: “We know Mwando miserable, but we would like to know exactly what happened.”

When SEARCHLIGHT visited the home of John Ollivierre, Leslie’s brother, he was lost for words as he tried to express his loss.

He said he was drinking a cup of coffee when he received the heart-wrenching news of his brother’s demise.

“I have no idea about what happened,” he said. “All I know is that they kill(ed) him… (because he) might have been in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“It’s sad!”

Up to press time the police said they had no suspects.