Dinky: I felt like a dog!
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August 7, 2009
Dinky: I felt like a dog!

Minutes after being freed of ammunition charges, Cameron “Dinky” Balcombe vented his feelings about the manner in which some members of the Local Constabulary execute their duties.{{more}}

Balcombe’s main focus was on the ill treatment he claims was dished out to him by members of the Rapid Response Unit, commonly known as the “Black Squad” when they executed a search warrant at his home on June 18, 2009.

Airing his views to SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday this week, just minutes after being found not guilty by Chief Magistrate Sonya Young of possession of .22 ammunition without a licence, Balcombe said he “now knows how it feels to be treated like a criminal when you are an innocent person…I now know how it feels when the police have to

drag you out of your house at three in the morning,” he emphatically stated.

Stating that he felt like a “dog”, Balcombe said that the officers threatened to break down his door if he did not come outside. “There were 12 of them with machine guns surrounding my house and they even had them pointed at me and my father throughout the entire search they were carrying out,” he recounted.

The declared candidate for North Central Windward for the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) in the next general elections said that he would never wish such treatment on his own worst enemy. “They have no regard for people and no diplomacy in executing their jobs…most of them are just young people,” he asserted.