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July 3, 2009
CDC, SVGBC: Obsession not our production

Releases from the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) and the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Broadcasting Corporation (SVGBC) have distanced the two organizations from the chaos that was meant to be “Obsession”, the show scheduled to follow the Sections of the Bands Competition at the Victoria Park last Monday night.{{more}}

The show, which had been advertised to feature a number of local female artistes, as well as regional singers: Destra Garcia, Denise Belfon and Allison Hinds, failed to materialize, much to the disappointment of the hundreds of patrons who stayed around after the judging of the ‘Night Mas’.

One patron visiting from Trinidad and Tobago said after the event she and other visitors were highly disappointed with what had transpired.

She lamented that her group had, among other things, hired transportation to bring them to and from the venue.

She further decried the disrespect shown to patrons when they were not informed that there were problems concerning the event and wondered if and how they were to be refunded.

The high traffic and telephone calls to the CDC and SVGBC’s offices for days after the no show prompted both companies to inform the public of their level of involvement in the event.

“The CDC was not in any way responsible for, or associated with the contracting of artistes and/or any other part or parts of the entertainment package as was advertised for the said show,” a release signed by Chief Executive Officer Ashford Wood said.

The release also stated that the principal organizer of the show was the SVG Carnival Bands Association (CBA), and that its (the CDC) role was solely as facilitator for the provision of the venue, stage and lighting.

Meanwhile, Candice Sealey, Head of Sales and Marketing of SVGBC said in a news release issued on Wednesday that her company was not the organizer, just the exclusive media sponsor of the event.

“There is a difference between being the producer and the exclusive advertiser of a show.”

“Information mentioned on stage was information received by the promoter and Hitz FM DJs and the MC were only relaying information given by the promoter,” the SVGBC release said.

The promoter at the midst of the storm of controversy was named as Adiah Providence, of Connections Events/Entertainment. Providence is also the Assistant Secretary of the CBA.

Efforts by SEARCHLIGHT to contact Providence proved futile.

Another release, this time from the CBA, indicated that they had no knowledge that Providence was the organizer of the event until days before it was scheduled to take place.

“In all his reporting to the executive and general body of the CBA, Mr Providence always spoke of “the promoters” and that he was the person between the promoters and the CBA,” the release signed by Public Relations Officer Garth Niles explained.

According to the release, the CBA was given the assurance that except for the cancellation of Garcia, all was well with the arrangements for the show. “Three days before the show, Mr Providence again gave the assurance to the CBA that the show will take place and that the artistes were booked to be in St Vincent. Miss Denise Belfon was to arrive on the morning of Monday, 29 June, 2009, and Miss Allison Hinds on the evening of the same day,” the release from the CBA said.

The release from SVGBC indicates that Allison Hinds did arrive in St. Vincent, but without her band. According to the release, “Reliable sources indicate that Allison Hinds management said they only received part of the deposit before they arrived in SVG, and in the light of the fact that the band was not here, they would have been willing to perform for the remainder of the deposit. However, the money was never taken and no one was able to reach the promoter.”

SEARCHLIGHT understands that according to the arrangements, the CBA’s duty was only to present the masqueraders on stage, which the release said it did with the expected highest quality.

While apologizing to the CDC, HITZ 103.7 and the many disgruntled patrons, the release from the CBA indicated that the CBA was not accepting responsibility for what transpired on Monday night.

While advising persons to refrain from visiting the CDC or SVGBC for a refund, the CBA release did not say who should be contacted.

Patrons are now left clueless as to if they will be refunded and by whom.

One person said that although the events on the night left her with a sour taste, she hopes to enjoy the other shows and events slated for the remainder of Vincy Mas.