KPS comes out on top in Common Entrance Exams
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June 12, 2009
KPS comes out on top in Common Entrance Exams

Whoever said that lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place would be eating his/her words today, because the Kingstown Preparatory School (KPS) has proved them wrong!{{more}}

Matching the achievement of its Common Entrance Examination (CEE) results in 2008, the KPS has not only scooped the top spot, but also nabbed three of the top ten positions. Richard John (1st place), Sherwin Peters (4th) and Avril Hamilton (5th) are the brilliant students who have once again brought great pride to the school, and stand as beacons of inspiration for next year’s CEE students.

Argyle resident Richard John, who placed first with a score of 94.35 per cent, is eagerly anticipating joining his brother Jamie John at the St. Vincent Grammar School in the new school year. This is something his parents Cheryl and Andrew John no doubt must be quite pleased about.

But in the meantime, Richard is thoroughly relieved that the stress of the CEE is behind him. No doubt his summer will be spent indulging in childhood activities with his friends, and perhaps frolicking with his pet dogs – all four of them!

Richard scored 91.67 per cent, 94.7 per cent and 96.67 per cent in General Paper, English and Mathematics, respectively.

Although initially disappointed that he did not come out on top, Sherwin Peters is ecstatic about his achievement. He placed 4th overall (2nd for boys) with an average of 93.82 per cent, and gained 96.67, 94.7 and 90 percent in Mathematics, English and General Paper, respectively. “At first I wasn’t pleased, but my mother spoke to me and made me realize that I had done really well!”

Coming out of the exam, he was confident that he had given a good performance, but admitted that General Paper had proved to be a bit of a challenge – something both Richard John and Avril Hamilton attested to.

Like Richard, he, too, is excited about joining his older brother Savin at the SVGS. So much so that he has already been reading his brother’s textbooks, especially those in Science. A Barcelona Football Club fan, he hopes that summer will induce the return of the video games he had to give up, and perhaps a trip to the UK, the USA or Guyana with his parents Sandra and Gavin Peters.

The sole girl in the KPS bunch, Avril Hamilton, is a child of few words, but she definitely knows what she wants and how to get it! She explained that attending the Girls’ High School had always been her focus, and with the extra help of her parents Artillon and Dr. Del Hamilton, she will be

doing exactly that come September. “I’m looking forward to it,” she smiled.

With scores of 96.67 per cent, 93.8 per cent and 90 per cent in Mathematics, English and General Paper, respectively, Avril placed 5th overall (93.49 percent) and 3rd for Girls.

Now that she has a chance to relax, Avril is catching up on her reading, especially mystery novels that feature Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. She wanted to travel to the USA this summer, but her parents thought it would be a more memorable experience to go in December when it snows. “So until then, I’m looking forward to seeing my aunt when she comes to visit.” Avril also hopes that as a reward for her excellent performance, her parents will give her a pet – a goldfish preferably!

Headteacher Morine Williams was all smiles when she spoke to SEARCHLIGHT. “We are delighted! Needless to say that’s an understatement of how we feel,” she beamed. Williams described the students as consistent and hard working, and is pleased that their efforts and sacrifices have paid off.

Well accustomed to producing high achievers who go on to attend top ranked secondary schools, KPS entered 143 students for the CEE and achieved a pass rate of 86.01 per cent. This is a vast improvement over last year’s pass rate of 79 per cent.

Williams believes that whilst this success is a good reflection on the school, it also bodes well on the stakeholders. She also commended the diligent and dedicated work of the teachers in the earlier grades for laying a solid foundation, and the present Grade 6 teachers. “They’re well organized and focused!”

Moreover, Williams acknowledged the influence of the Ministry of Education. “All of this has been impacted by certain initiatives of the Ministry of Education, particularly their emphasis on Literacy.” She also thanked God, and the school’s long-standing parental support. (JSV)