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April 30, 2009
Vinlec repairs damaged GHS equipment

The St Vincent Electricity Services (VINLEC) has repaired the equipment which was damaged at the Girls’ High School as a result of electrical problems the school experienced a couple weeks ago.{{more}}

“All the computers have been repaired,” declared VINLEC’s CEO Thornley Myers last Tuesday, April 28th.

Myers told SEARCHLIGHT that the problems with the equipment were caused by a “faulty supply” of electricity, so his company stepped in to quickly put things back in order for the students.

Myers said that in addition to replacing the power supplies in the computers, some monitors have also been imported and a local company has been contracted to repair the damaged air conditioning units.

Myers also said that VINLEC will either repair or replace an overhead projector that was also damaged during the week of electrical problems in question.

“I am impressed. I am heartened,” said Headmistress of the GHS, Andrea Bowman.

Bowman said that she had been particularly concerned about her students who are due to do exams in Electronic Document Preparation and Management on May 5th.

She said that if the students had to work at a different centre, on new computers, they would have been at a disadvantage.

Meanwhile, Myers said that what VINLEC was acting in keeping with company policy regarding damage to equipment that is proven to be caused by faulty electrical supply.

“It is not because it is the Girls’ High School,” he said.

On the back page of SEARCHLIGHT’s Friday, April 24th, edition, SEARCHLIGHT reported, in a story titled High Voltage, that equipment was damaged at the Girls’ High School as a result of recent electrical problems.

Myers had admitted to SEARCHLIGHT that VINLEC had experienced some problems, which he said stemmed from the break down of an insulated electrical wire.