Man chops off ‘friend’s’ head, dumps it in drain
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March 27, 2009
Man chops off ‘friend’s’ head, dumps it in drain

The two men were supposed to be friends. It is, therefore, baffling what could have caused one to cut off the other’s head and walk calmly away.{{more}}

At press time on Wednesday, March 25th, 46-year-old Osborn Cain, originally of South Rivers, was facing a murder charge for causing the death of Aswald “Country” Lewis, 42, of Peruvian Vale, at Dubois, on Tuesday, March 24th.

The secluded community of Dubois became the centre of attention earlier this week when word spread of the heinous act, which was committed at around 3:30 pm that afternoon.

It is unclear what transpired between Lewis and Cain that afternoon in the small concrete house they both occupied in the midst of a banana field.

One neighbour who wishes to remain anonymous told SEARCHLIGHT that around the time when the incident supposedly occurred, she was on her porch and saw Cain washing off his skin at a nearby pipe.

“I asked him what he doing and he said ‘All yo go hear bout me and Country’,” she said.

She told SEARCHLIGHT that Cain told her that he chopped off Lewis’ head and threw it away.

She said that since Cain started living with Lewis, the two always had small arguments, but no one anticipated this ending.

Lewis had been working as a farmer with John Straker for about four months, assisting in his banana plantation and with his animals.

About three weeks ago, Cain started living with him in the little house and assisting with the work.

Straker, who told SEARCHLIGHT that he was saddened and shocked to learn of what happened, said that someone called him and told him that Cain was claiming that he had killed Lewis.

The visibly shaken elderly businessman told SEARCHLIGHT that he sent his 19-year-old grandson to see what was happening. It was the grandson who discovered Lewis’ headless body.

“He (Cain) really told somebody that he was going to kill him (Lewis) but…” Straker said.

“I am 84 years old and I never heard anything like that here,” he exclaimed, as residents around made sure all the reporters present knew that the two men, especially the killer, were not from their community.

Cain reportedly walked calmly down the road and turned himself in to the Penniston Police Station.

Police searched without luck for over an hour for the head of the dead man, before bringing Cain from the station for him to show them where the man’s head was.

As Cain, under police escort, walked calmly to the spot where he had allegedly thrown away Lewis’ head, numerous questions and comments; some too spicy to be quoted in this publication, could be heard from the scores of villagers who were gathered.