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February 13, 2009
Sexual predator on the prowl – woman

by J. Soso-Vincent 13.FEB.09

A concerned citizen is warning Vincentian women against the wiles of a middle-aged man who, under the guise of being a Good Samaritan, offers pedestrians a lift in his car, and then uses the opportunity to sexually harass them.{{more}}

The woman, who didn’t wish to be identified, related that she knew the man for quite some time and thought him to be a friend. So charming was his nature that she was very shocked when she began to hear reports of his predatory actions against the women who he would offer rides to.

Described as in his forties, 5 ft 9 – 6 ft tall and driving a small vehicle, the man in question is reputed to have sexually harassed approximately nine women thus far – the youngest being a mere 16 years of age. It is alleged that once the female enters his vehicle, he drives to dimly lit, bushy areas (mainly in the Villa/Canash region), gropes them along the way, and tries to solicit sex from them in exchange for a sum of money.

More worryingly is the fact that the man in question attempts to have unprotected sex with these women. With the rise in HIV/AIDS cases and other sexually transmitted diseases, the matter is of great concern. “All he is doing is using women!” the informant complained.

Although he does not physically force himself on the women, the informant explained that the situation is a very frightening one for any woman, and they might feel pressured to give in to his demands – as was the case with one of the women who was targeted. Another woman, who hails from Layou, managed to escape his clutches and claims to have reported him to the police. It is also claimed that despite a visit from the police to the offender, nothing further was done about the matter.

On contacting the Public Relations office, Inspector Jonathon Nicholls informed SEARCHLIGHT that his department was not aware of any reports of such a nature. He, however, pressed upon women to not accept lifts from men they do not know. Nicholls further advised that even if the driver is known to you, note should be taken of the vehicle’s registration number, and, if possible, let a friend know when you leave your origin and when you arrive at your destination.

Furthermore, Nicholls advised women who have suffered sexual harassment whilst on their travels to report it as soon as possible to the nearest Police Station. “Don’t wait. Report it right away!” It stands to reason that if it is reported, then action can be taken. However, if it is not reported, the perpetrator will get away with the offence.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, the woman also shared that although married, the offender is separated from his wife, who ran him out of the family home when several of his victims came to complain to her. “I feel so sorry for her,” said the informant. “She’s such a beautiful woman. He’s brought her a lot of heartache and shame…”

The informant also claims that the offender is a prolific liar and is sexually involved with an underaged girl who lives in Calliaqua. She implores all females to be on their guard against this man.