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June 6, 2008
Man drinks Gramoxone before date with court

Two days after he drank a “Chubby” bottle filled with Gramoxone, Ricky Simon died.{{more}}

The 42-year-old Calder resident succumbed to the deadly weedicide on Thursday, May 29th, the same day he was due to appear before the Family Court. Plagued by his personal troubles, Laringston ‘Ricky’ Simon took the decision to end his life.

Relatives told SEARCHLIGHT that since the beginning of the year, Simon had been severely depressed by his brush with the law, and lived in fear of a receiving a lengthy sentence from the court for his offence.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited Simon’s home on Wednesday, June 4th, family members were trying to remain strong in the midst of the adversity.

“When I visited Ricky at the hospital last week Wednesday, he said ‘Tanty Jean, I won’t make it. You won’t see me again’. He told me to take home his clothes because I won’t meet him when I get back,” his grieving mother, Jean Simon reminisced.

Jean lamented that her first born of six children told her that he was stressed and could no longer make it.

Recalling another conversation she had with him prior to his death, Jean stated: “He said ‘Tanty Jean, I disgraced my family and my community.” She said that she encouraged Ricky to pray as well as to seek counselling, of which he chose the former.

“I’m feeling real sad,” said Jean, noting that on Saturday, May 24, 2008, Ricky told her of a dream that he had, where he was digging banks to plant potato vines. “I told him that is death but he didn’t say anything.

“God is good. He will deliver us,” Jean sighed, expressing that she is grateful for the support and encouragement that her neighbours gave along with the calls made by friends.

One of Ricky’s younger brothers, Shawn Simon, said from the moment he heard of his brother’s action, he had the feeling that it could be tragic.

“Normally, when you drink those things, there is a possibility you won’t survive,” said Shawn.

Ricky was laid to rest at the Stubbs Cemetery on Wednesday, June 6, following a funeral service at the Calder New Testament Church. (HN)