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November 16, 2007
Guyana offers land to region’s farmers at $10 per arcre

While Guyana is offering to lease agricultural lands to CARICOM nationals for only BDS$10 an acre, this country’s Chief Agricultural Officer Reuben Robertson is encouraging persons interested in investing in agriculture to do it here.{{more}}

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT earlier this week, Robertson said that while Guyana’s offer is good, there are still vast amounts of lands that are not utilized in this country.

“It’s a good initiative in the region to reduce Regional Food Import Bill, but the production, post harvest management, transportation, marketing and distribution channels within the region must be well defined,” Robertson stated.

He nevertheless pointed out that there is a great deal of potential in the offer which includes the large expanses of land, possibilities of mechanization, and the possibility of a favourable exchange rate.

Stressing that he only had limited information about the offer, Robertson said before taking up the offer, farmers should take into consideration the quality of the land, the different types of soils, proper drainage and the mobilization fee, which can be very high.

Honorary Consul of Guyana Norman Faria told Searchlight, “The soil and climate there is conducive to the growing of all vegetables and other crops normally grown and harvested in this climatic/ geographical area.”

Faria also said that the lands could also be used for livestock rearing and fish farming. He is hoping that all CARICOM countries would take advantage of the offer since it will be beneficial to both the investor and Guyana in terms of the economic development and regional integration.

According to Faria, the potential investor will have to provide his or her own start-up capital and will have to travel to Guyana to apply and present a viable and serious business plan to Go-Invest (Guyana Office for Investment). They will then be taken to a selection of land areas for examination.

The Barbados Nation has reported that Barbadians are already lining up to take advantage of the offer.