Murray’s Village man in death fall
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October 26, 2007
Murray’s Village man in death fall

When her left eye “dances”, someone is usually going to die or visit.

On Tuesday morning, October 23rd, Ernestine Haywood’s eye began dancing.{{more}} A couple hours later, her second of nine children fell out of a mango tree shortly after 11 a.m. and died a short distance away from her Murray’s Village home.

Dead is 44-year-old Brian “Figure Nine” Jones.

Jones, who has had his fair share of run-ins with the law, just celebrated his birthday on October 16.

Wesley Pierre, a painter who was working nearby in the field where the deathly fall took place, saw everything as it unfolded.

“I saw when he come up through the grass with a white bucket, and then went and climb the mango tree,” said Pierre.

According to Pierre, Jones was trying to throw some mangoes for some men who were working at a nearby construction site when the branch that he was on broke.

“I saw him hit his head as he was falling down,” Pierre said.

He said that he and some other guys ran to Jones’ aid when they saw him fall, but realized that he was already dead when they got there.

Both Yvonne Jones (photo above left) and Desiree Haywood said that they had a good relationship with their brother. Haywood said that Brian was always willing to assist with various odds and ends.

She also noted with sadness that he was the second brother that the family has lost to a fall.

Ernestine confirmed to SEARCHLIGHT that she lost another son, Leonard Jones, who fell off a house roof about 13 years ago.

“He a little while ago came and bring two sugar apples for me,” Ernestine said, when she spoke to SEARCHLIGHT shortly after the incident occurred.