Problem Child rules the streets
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July 13, 2007
Problem Child rules the streets


What started out as a “Just a song to get on bad to”, turned into the most played, most requested song on the road for Vincy Mas 2007.{{more}}

Despite carrying a sample of a popular French song released over two decades ago, “Party Animal” by Shertz James, AKA Problem Child was adjudged to be this year’s road march.

James, who lives in New York, beat another New York based artiste Eddison ‘Lively’ McDowall into the second spot with his song “We Drinking”, with James ‘Jamesy P’ Morgan and his song Bashment taking the number three position.

The top three songs all seemed to grasp the festive mood of revelers throughout the carnival season, with lyrics like: “No more sleep ‘til carnival done”, “Once there is girls and music”, and “We drinking strong rum and Hairoun mix up with Sting”.

James’ Party Animal was a questionable contender for the road march competition because of the music, but with no stipulation barring sampled music, he had all clearance to compete.

Officials however stated that moves would be made in the future to allow only originally produced music and songs to contest the road march title.

But this year belongs to Problem Child, with two other top songs for the carnival season in the form of Galaritis and Secret Agent.