St. Mary’s RC boy tops in Common Entrance Examination
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June 15, 2007
St. Mary’s RC boy tops in Common Entrance Examination


“When I called my mother and told her the news, she almost broke her foot while she was running to come to the school.”

These were the words of this country’s top performer of the 2007 Common Entrance Exams, Utamu Rose of the St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School.{{more}}

Rose, who is the child of Janet Wilkins, a probation officer with the Social Welfare Services and Conley Rose, a Journalist of Small Money Publishing told SEARCHLIGHT that during his preparation for the exam, he stayed up late at night studying.

The young scholar said that even though his family was overwhelmed when they heard the news, his success did not come as any surprise to his father since he always had good academic grades during school.

When asked how he went about preparing for the exam, Rose told SEARCHLIGHT, “I went to evening and weekend classes at the school and would do practice papers that our teachers gave us.”

“I was expecting great things from him,I always expecting him to be any where in the top three positions,” his mother told SEARCHLIGHT.

Wilkins said that her son was always consistent in his academics and is always reading and keeps up to date with news from around the region.

Rose is thankful for the support that he received from his teachers who he said were willing to go over specific topics if they (the students) did not understand.

Utamu’s average was 96.24% with 95.45% in English, 98.33% in Mathematics and 95% in General Paper.

Utamu, an all rounder, also plays pan with the Starlift Steel Orchestra. He plays the cello pans for both the junior and senior bands, and the management, captain and players of the Orchestra have expressing their congratulations to Utamu on his performance. They urge him to keep up the good work and continue to build on the foundation.