Ex-cop is Fisherman of the Year in SVG
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June 1, 2007
Ex-cop is Fisherman of the Year in SVG

A former police officer is the Fisherman of the Year for 2007 – after trying unsuccessfully for 14 previous years.

With a grand catch of 738 lbs on the day, over 130 lbs more than his nearest rival, Eli Slater, 49, of Clare Valley walked away with the coveted title last Monday, 28, at the Calliaqua playing field.{{more}}

Slater, a third generation fisherman said that after spending 24 years in the police force attached to the Coast Guard division, he felt that he had had enough of police work and was drawn to the profession that was part of his family history.

Slater, who among his other prizes received a 75 HP engine said that he will sell the engine because he already has four engines.

The engine is valued at handsome EC$12,500.

The beaming Slater who began his fishing expedition at 3:45 a.m. said that he made his haul about

60 miles off Mustique.

Saying that he was very proud to walk away with the coveted prize, Slater said that he plans to continue to fish until God calls him home.

Fishermen were continually encouraged during the Fisherman’s day closing ceremony to register with the National Insurance Services (NIS) so that they could prepare for their golden years and eventual death.

“All that is in order already,” said Slater when he was asked about registering with the NIS.

This year’s Fisherman’s day competition reverted to a one day affair away from the month long competition at the request of the fishermen after last year’s competition. (KJ)