Cool Rider dies in cycle crash
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March 8, 2007

Cool Rider dies in cycle crash

“Now you see me, now you don’t! A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do!”

These are the words that were used by the late Charles Ian “Nogo” Wood while he was alive, but now they will always remain in the memories of the family and friends he left behind.

Nogo, who met his death on Wednesday, February 28 while riding his motorcycle in the Arnos Vale area was described by his brother, businessman Creech Wood of Square Deal Shippers, as a comedian and a person who gave him a great deal of assistance in the running of his business.{{more}}

According to Creech, when he got the news that Nogo had been involved in an accident, he did not take it seriously, thinking that it was only a little incident. He however stated that upon arriving on the spot where the incident took place he was informed that his brother was already at the hospital.

“When I arrived at the hospital he was in serious pain and was crying out for pain in his pelvis,” Creech recalled. “The doctor tried to help him but they could not stabilize the bleeding which was a result of internal damage,” Creech stated.

Creech explained that his brother was like a father, a brother and a friend to him. In his opinion his brother always tried to make persons put a smile upon their faces.

“If you leave home feeling sad and you meet him, you must laugh cause he will find something funny to say,” his brother stated.

Creech also remembers his brother putting his own composition to his favourite beer BUDWEISER which according to Creech was described by his deceased brother as: “Because U Deserve What Every Individual Should Enjoy Regularly”.

Speaking to Viki Davis, one of the staff members of Square Deal, she described the death of her former co- worker as being difficult to cope with. She said since hearing of his death, she is unable to eat, sleep or drink.

“Every morning I usually look forward to meeting him and having breakfast with him at the office and to hear him say his favourite quote, “Now you see me, now you don’t”, Vicki told SEARCHLIGHT.

According to her it is still difficult to come to grips with the fact that Nogo is no longer alive and it is her wish that some one would call and say that it was a false alarm.

“On the day of his death I went to the supermarket and he told his co-workers that he is not leaving until he saw me and he waited there until I returned from the supermarket,” Viki stated. When I returned from the supermarket he helped me to lock up the office and was there making jokes with me and Claire and was telling us that “we shall see in the morning to make jokes,” she continued.

Lydon Howard also called “Howie” was the last person with whom Nogo drank his last beer, on the evening of his death. According to Howie, Nogo did not seem strange on the evening of his death.

According to Howie, while he was at home that evening, he found it very difficult to sleep, so he decided to take a walk. Around 11 p.m. he met a friend who told him about Nogo’s death.

Ian ‘Nogo’ Wood of Arnos Vale died at the age of 47 on Wednesday, February 28 at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. ‘Nogo’, who was living with his brother before his death, has two children living in the United States.

Wood was a member of the Cool Riderz Motor Cycle Club and is the 8th child of nine siblings.

Nogo will make his final journey on Saturday, March 10, when the funeral service would be held at the Roman Catholic Cathedral followed by a celebration at his home in Arnos Vale.