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February 9, 2007
Glenford Stewart eager to get going

In another twist in the epic Ottley Hall saga, former technical engineering supervisor of the project Glenford Stewart is eager to get the inquiry behind him.

A former senator for the New Democratic Party, Stewart asked that he may have his chance to be questioned at Monday’s sitting of the inquiry.{{more}}

The inquiry was halted for two-and a half years after Stewart and former National Commercial Bank Chairman Richard Joachim challenged through the court the validity of the commission and the appointment of Commissioner Justice Ephraim Georges. The matter reached the Privy Council in England where it was finally dismissed.

Stewart informed the commission that time is of the essence and this being his fourth outing to the inquiry he is now ready to play his part.

He asked Commissioner Georges to direct Counsel Anthony Astaphan to cross-examine him at Monday’s sitting, to which the commissioner replied that there is a sequence which needed to be followed and that he Stewart was further down on the list of witnesses.

At that point Astaphan reminded Stewart that the long delay was as a direct result of the legal challenge that he Stewart and Joachim issued to the commission. Stewart informed the commissioner that he still objects to the commission but now that his legal action had taken its course he was ready and willing to proceed.

Before being excused to leave by Commissioner Georges, Stewart enquired of the commission if he would be entitled to costs. Commissioner Georges replied that no arrangement had been made for that.

The Commission of Inquiry has been adjourned to March 15.