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December 15, 2006

Tears, shock, screams, and pandemonium reigned in the Leeward Bus Terminal on Monday when hundreds of Vincentians witnessed one of the most gruesome and inhumane acts, up to then, seen only in horror movies and Al Qaeda execution videos on the Internet.

Body parts of 21-year-old Vermont resident, Stacy Wilson, were sliced off and spread all over the Terminal as her life was cut short by a cutlass wielding man by the name of Shorn Samuel who also goes by the moniker “Muslim Islamaam” and “Abdul Rahim.”{{more}}

Wilson’s decapitated head laid approximately 15 feet away from her mangled body and her left hand another 20 feet away.

Several people who saw the incident pounced on SEARCHLIGHT reporters to tell them what happened.

One horrified person said that Wilson was walking towards the terminal ignoring the man who was walking behind trying to talk to her.

Stacy Wilson

She got into the bus and took a seat.

Another person on the scene told SEARCHLIGHT that Wilson was seated in the passenger van “Refresh” that plies the Penniston route as Samuel stood by the conductor’s door arguing with her. He then went away and returned armed with a cutlass and began his deadly onslaught on Wilson’s petite frame.

She jumped through one of the windows and tried to flee for dear life but the stronger and faster man caught her and chopped her right hand off at the wrist.

“When she fell to the ground he chopped her in her neck and started sawing it off,” said the shaky witness.

Special Service Unit officers apprehend Shorn Samuel fter Stacy Wilson was beheaded in the Leeward bus terminal in broad daylight.

Police arrived on the scene but by this time the damage had already been done. Reports heard that Samuel placed his deadly cutlass on the ground, knelt and placed his hand on his head. Not showing one bit of guilt he saluted the crowd as though he had just satisfactorily accomplished a task before being whisked away by police.

People were consoling each other – even those they did not know, such was the trauma that gripped the rush hour crowd.

“This is the strangest thing I ever see, ah whole heap ah people in here and none of them na do he nothing,” another witness said.

Some people were annoyed at a few adults who told their children “come see, some see”.

Police gently and quickly dispersed the crowd and locked down the crime scene.