Front Page
May 5, 2006

Francis Williams, 23, of Sion Hill has been charged with the murder of the Prime Minister’s press secretary and personal aide, Glenn Ian Jackson. The former student of a Kingstown Secondary school also known as ‘Yellow” or “Prickle” appeared last Tuesday before Chief Magistrate Simone Churaman. He was not called upon to plea because the offence is an indictable one. He was remanded in custody until Monday, July 24, the date for the Preliminary Inquiry into the matter. {{more}}

A large, vociferous crowd mixed with an expected strong police presence, began swarming outside the Serious Offences Court from around 9 a.m. When the diminutive accused appeared around midday there was a chorus of shock and general disbelief among the crowd who could not match his boyish, slight stature with the gruesome March 5 incident. “That little boy could kill anybody?” asked an obviously perplexed woman.

Jackson’s lifeless body was discovered in the back seat of his vehicle at Cane Garden on Monday, March 6, with a gunshot wound which penetrated his sternum area and exited his back.

Police sources are expressing confidence in their case and are sure that they have got their man. But those close to the accused are convinced that Williams will be found not guilty when all is heard.

Williams grew up with his aunt along with his brother and sister in Sion Hill after his mother migrated to North America. He is described as a jovial young man ever since his school days. “He will always dress up and perform in school events and things like that,” stated a relative who is still in a state of disbelief.

Williams, a participant in the Government’s YES (Youth Empowerment Service) programme, attached to the Ministry of Health, emerged from the police transport with a light blue Bible held high and a confident smile.

After the court appearance, Senior Counsel for the defence Kay Bacchus-Browne accompanied by Junior Counsel Grant Connell was glowing with confidence: “I haven’t gotten all the details but I have enough of the case to know that we are confident.” Bacchus-Browne said that there is no doubt that the police “have the wrong person”.

Crown Counsel Saboto Caesar is presenting the State’s case. He was tailed quite closely by a uniformed Special Services Unit (SSU) officer for the duration of the morning’s proceedings.

At the time of his arrest Williams was living with his girlfriend and her mother at their Sion Hill residence. This same house was raided by police assisted by Scotland Yard detectives Wednesday, April 26. Just a day before this raid Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves announced that he was assured by the police that they were close to making an arrest on the matter.

The government had also offered a $100,000 reward for information that led to the arrest, charge and conviction of the person or persons responsible for Jackson’s death.

Shortly after Williams’ court appearance his cousin, Sandell Williams, was picked up by police in the vicinity of the court. After a short but verbal outburst directed at the police, Sandell was whisked away to Criminal Investigation Department (CID) headquarters for questioning on certain aspects of the investigation.