Senator & Woman in Dog Fight
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March 3, 2006

Senator & Woman in Dog Fight

The ownership of one dog may have to be decided by a DNA test or through the Court. That’s the extent to which two dog lovers will go to get custody of a two-year-old poodle. {{more}}

Recently appointed Senator Ronald Marks and returnee from the United Kingdom, Patricia Way are growling with each other over custody of the poodle.

Way, a resident of Brighton, is fuming over what she claims to be a clear misunderstanding over the ownership of ‘her’ dog.

She said last Sunday while she was at her home in Brighton, Senator Marks, accompanied by his wife and a police officer came to her premises requesting she hand over possession of the poodle.

According to Way, the dog in question was given to her some years ago, but now she fears losing it to Marks. She said Marks is claiming ownership of the poodle after losing his dog in June last year.

“I was home around 4:15 p.m on Sunday when the dogs started barking. I sent someone outside to see what was going on. When I went outside he already had the puppy in his jeep. I asked him what’s going on. He said that he believes that the puppy is his, showing me a piece of paper saying his dog is missing.”

Way said she explained to Marks that the dog belongs to her, but he ignored her relentless pleadings not to take the dog.

“I started to call the dog. I said Pammy, then his wife turned to me and said, ‘Her name is not Pammy, it’s Muffin and you stole it!’”

Way stated: “I went inside to get the proof to show that the dog belongs to me. He was ranting and raving about the dog being his.”

Way said before driving off with the dog, Marks a lawyer, shouted, “You can sue me”, an action she is contemplating if the DNA testing proves she is the true owner of the dog.

“I went inside and called the police when he drove off with the dog. They said they will get back to me, something they haven’t done up until now.”

“The man just drove off with my dog…. I suffer from high blood pressure. He caused me a lot of stress, I don’t see why I should leave it alone and not do anything about it,” Way exclaimed

“I am very upset because I cannot go into Ronnie’s place and take his dog. He should know better than that,” she continued.

After contacting a local vet to confirm the ownership of the poodle, both Marks and Way agreed to seek expert help from overseas in testing the poodle’s DNA against similar dogs owned by the Way family.

When Searchlight contacted Marks on Wednesday afternoon, Marks said he strongly believes the dog belongs to him.

“I was driving in Brighton area when I drove across the house and saw the dog at the gate. I instantly recognized it. My dog went missing a year ago,” Marks stated.

He said after blowing his horn several times trying to get the attention of the owners of the house, no one came out.

“I went to the Calliaqua police station and went back to them for the dog.”

Marks said after returning to the house, someone came out and opened the gate, at which time the dog ran out and came to him.

“I did not go in their place and take the dog; when they opened the gate and came out, the dog ran past them and came straight to me…I showed them all the papers with the dog to show I brought it from St. Lucia,” Marks said.

“She came out and called it, the dog did not even answer,” Marks said.

Marks confirmed that while awaiting the results of the DNA testing, which should be completed in a few weeks, he will allow Way to hold onto the dog.

“We have plenty more details about the dog than her. As far as I am concerned, the dog is mine. When the test is returned and it shows the dog belongs to me, I would ask her to hand over the dog and pay for the expenses of the DNA. If she is not willing to comply I would take her to Court. It is politics these people are playing,” Marks argued.