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November 25, 2005
PM throws punches at Eustace

Declaring himself the true heavyweight champion, Prime Minister Dr.Ralph Gonsalves on Sunday night landed six punches to Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace’s ‘Economic Plan’.

“The so-called Economic Plan is a plan of emptiness,” Dr. Gonsalves retorted at the Richland Park Playing Field to thousands of party faithful, in an address delivered just before the Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) Gospel Explosion started in earnest. The gospel concert, according to Master of Ceremony Selmon Walters, was designed to introduce God into the campaign. {{more}}

Dr. Gonsalves moved swiftly to offer his critique on the New Democratic Party’s (NDP) Economic Plan presented less than 24 hours earlier at the Victoria Park on Saturday night.

He noted the NDP’s Economic Plan was nothing but mere factual misrepresentations. He also described it as presenting meaningless abstractions when targets were presented. Dr.Gonsalves added that the Economic Plan was “a mishmash of puny proposals” which “has no way of getting St.Vincent and the Grenadines forward.” Prime Minister Gonsalves said the Economic Plan was devoid of a comprehensive overview of economic and social development and good governance. Dr. Gonsalves slammed the Economic Plan as being silent on critical issues. And in the final analysis he said Eustace appeared to be suffering from political amnesia.

Dr. Gonsalves explained that he deemed the Economic Plan empty because it did not speak about issues relating to the fisherfolk, the Ottley Hall fiasco and the proposed international airport.

He said Eustace highlighted the idea that over the next 10 years he wants to raise the per capita income of Vincentians from US$3, 000 to US$7, 000. “He got his facts wrong,” said Dr.Gonsalves, adding that Eustace was forgetting that the ULP last year increased the per capita income from US$3, 000 to US$4, 000.He predicted that this year the figure will surpass the US$4, 000 mark. Dr. Gonsalves mused that the Economic Plan presented was “a tasteless boil-up”.

“I am doing more than what he is suggesting,”

Dr. Gonsalves emphasized.