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September 23, 2005

Police have another mysterious death on their hands, and up to Wednesday, investigations were continuing. The problems are compounded by a number of factors.

The body was recovered at Morne Ronde beach an uninhabited part of North Leeward on mainland St. Vincent around 10 a.m. last week Friday, September 16. {{more}}

A post mortem was to have been carried out yesterday, Thursday, September 22, and that might have provided some clue as to the cause of death.

The dead man has not been identified, but the Police Public Relations and Complaints Department described him as being in his late 30s. According to the Police, the man was found with “his knees bound with a piece of strongman rope, and had marks of violence on his body.”

The incident brings to 17 the number of homicides in St. Vincent and the Grenadines for the year.

Superintendent of Police Lenroy Brewster, confirmed that investigations into the crime were continuing.

Morne Ronde is an area known for an infestation of marijuana plantations.

Concerns have been raised before about the international nature of activities taking place there. Natives from other Caribbean Islands are known to have established a footing in the area, and being outside a zone of normal surveillance, monitoring the operations there has always been a difficult undertaking.

There have been violent outbursts in that neighbourhood some deadly, a hanging, others never reported, or solved.