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May 20, 2005


That is how Vincentians are describing the seventh murder for the year.

The murder of 77-year-old Dorsie Neptune sent shockwaves across St.Vincent and the Grenadines when the news broke just after midday on Friday 13, May. {{more}}

Though the results of the post mortem could not be confirmed before going to press, it is believed the old lady was raped and suffocated.

A 25-year-old man of Murray’s Village was expected to be slapped with a murder charge yesterday in relation to this crime.

Now, one week after the heinous murder, Vincentians are still asking themselves what was her killer thinking.

Relatives and friends told SEARCHLIGHT Neptune was found on her bed with a pillow over her face, her pampers removed and a sheet pulled half way up her nude body.

Diana Davis, one of Neptune’s neighbours who usually assisted her with drinking water and juice during the day said she was alerted by the “non-stop” barking of dogs at Neptune’s home.

She said when she went to see what was the problem she saw a young man who had been arrested recently for breaking into Neptune’s home, standing in front of the door with two bowls in his hand.

“I asked ‘what you doing here?’ He replied ‘watching TV’,” Davis said.

After calling Neptune’s name and not hearing an answer the neighbour got scared and started screaming for help.

Yvonne Jones, another neighbour, said she ran to Davis’ assistance and tried to calm her.

Jones said when she and her daughter went into the house, Neptune’s lifeless body was on the bed but she did not see where the young man, mentioned by Davis, had disappeared.

With tears streaming down her face, Jones, who claims to have known Neptune for the past 39 years, said it was sad because it could have been her own mother.

Venting his anger at the murder scene as tears streamed down his face, Rommel Browne a grandson of the murdered woman muttered: “Better the police hold him than me”.

Meanwhile investigators from the Major Crime Unit expressed frustration at having to wait almost three hours at the crime scene before a doctor arrived to pronounce Neptune dead.

Dougal Roberts of Murray’s Village was taken into custody and is assisting the police with their investigations.