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May 20, 2005

Thieves broke into the premises of Finishing and Furnishing Ltd. in Kingstown owned by Omroy “O.T” Mayers, and made off with an entire vault.

The vault, storing cash and important documents was removed from the company’s head office in Kingstown. {{more}}

Omri Mayers, one of O.T’s sons and a director at Finishing and Furnishing told SEARCHLIGHT the break-in took place on the weekend between Saturday night and the wee hours of Sunday morning.

“Besides documents, the vault had couple days deposit,” Omri confirmed.

He disclosed the total loss had not been ascertained, because the days’ sales had not been tallied as yet.

The young man said the consensus was that the robbers might have been given inside information. The police are investigating the matter.

Omroy Mayers, once quipped to a reporter that “O.T” stands for “Overtime”. Known as a down to earth businessman, O.T’s hard work and determination have made him one of this country’s most productive and prominent businessmen.

Besides being the proprietor of Finishing and Furnishing he is also owner of Arwe Store and a furniture factory at Diamond.