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March 24, 2005

Baptiste pleased with new route

An ecstatic Tourism Minister, Rene’ Baptiste has described as historic the arrival of the Caribbean Sun. She said the moment made her feel that she would be guaranteed a second term in office, as she fulfills a dream to do more for air travel in this country. {{more}}

She noted that with setbacks such as the pullout of American Eagle, the temporary closure of the Canouan resort, the 911 terrorist attacks, SARS, and the Iraqi War amongst other global and local threats to a fragile tourism industry, it was challenging to be Tourism Minister. Baptiste however praised the work of her staff whom she described as a family. She said she had mobilized her team to analyze the many tasks facing them.

The Minister also confessed that in many instances she used “the applied sciences” she was taught in school to combat many of the setbacks that put a damper on the tourism industry.

The Tourism Minister noted that this country not only offers eco-tourism, but also has diversity in tourism and a rich culture. She encouraged the guests in attendance to savour the many offerings of the 31 islands and quays of St.Vincent and the Grenadines and stressed that there is an island for every day for visitors to enjoy.