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February 25, 2005

Selwyn “Thick Skin” Moses’ four-month run from the law ended dramatically last Thursday night in a hail of gunfire at Redemption Sharpes, Kingstown.

It was in November last year that the 26-year-old man was placed on the most wanted list by Police. Selwyn ‘Thick Skin’ Moses, was being sought in relation to a number of matters, including robbery. {{more}}

Moses’ profile worsened after an escapade last November 13 when he reportedly shot at Police who were attempting to arrest him. Since then, Moses had remained a fugitive from justice, constantly eluding the Police.

Reports surfaced of him being seen in Georgetown, on the North Windward end of mainland St. Vincent. He was also said to have frequented the area of Glen in East St. George, where he once resided, being originally from Fountain.

Moses shot to notoriety for the boldness he demonstrated while on the run. He reportedly called into Nice Radio, where he conversed with the host of the New Democratic Party’s (NDP) New Times programme E.G. Lynch and justified his actions in evading the Police. Lynch encouraged Moses to surrender himself to the Police. However, Moses remained defiant.

He surfaced as a suspect in a double murder of a couple at Trigger Ridge, Redemption Sharpes, to the interior of Kingstown last December 10.

An interesting element was that reports surfaced that Moses may have had some connections with Grenadian fugitive Sheldon ‘Dutch’ Bain.

It is commonly suspected that Bain may have been involved somehow with Moses in connection with the double killing. Though the police have not confirmed this, they expressed interest in him.

It was only on Friday, February 11; one week before Thick Skin met his demise, that Bain identified himself to Police at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital where he was taken with a gunshot wound to his right leg. Bain told Police then that an unknown assailant had shot him.

According to the Public Relations and Complaints Department, Moses “sustained gunshot wounds to his chest and legs following a shoot out with the Police.”

That occurred at about 9 p.m. when detachments of the Special Services Unit, and the Criminal Investigations Department carried out an operation.

Police said they recovered one Israeli-made Uzi automatic weapon, 31 rounds of ammunition and a bullet-proof vest from Moses.

Two other men, who were arrested during the operation, are still assisting the Police with their investigations.