Anna ‘Keane’ 100 not out
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February 18, 2005

Anna ‘Keane’ 100 not out

Anna Keane today marks her 100th birthday. She was born February 18, 1905, in the area of Ruthland Vale.

Anna, as the residents of Layou affectionately call her, resides at the corner next to the St. James Anglican Church in Layou and is a devout Methodist. {{more}}

She still communicates well with her caretaker Evris Young, who grew up with her. Perhaps the only sign of old age affecting Anna is the difficulty she has with hearing.

Young has managed to overcome that problem however, and Anna is a storehouse of information.

She was born to Edwin and Eveline Jack.

Her father was originally from Paget Farm, Bequia.

Anna married Walter Keane in 1932, but she has outlived him by many years.

Today she is surrounded and respected by a number of relatives, friends and loved ones in her hometown. But she has no children of her own. Asked about the secret to Anna’s longevity, Young puts it to her love of herbs.

“She took good care of herself,” Young asserted.

“She loves vegetables, she loves herbs… she always believe in herb tea,” Young disclosed.

Anna has assumed something of a self appointed doctor and according to Young, “she always purge herself when it is possible.”

Young recalled having to go to the yard of some of Anna’s friends to collect herbs for her consumption. One of her favourite products is garlic.

She uses a lot of garlic, Young pointed out.

Anna’s surrounding reflects her humble and simple life style. The board house at the corner of the main road still displays some antique furniture and she maintains her simplicity in life. Hanging at her residence is a certificate for long service and dedication to the Methodist Church dated April 14, 1998.

Anna is part of a close family unit with sisters Matilda ‘Only’ Walker, Olive, and Elizabeth Durham.

Her brothers are Gilbert, Calvin, Powell and Edwin.

The town of Layou will be transformed into a centre of mini-celebration today. Governor-General Sir Frederick Ballantyne, who himself hails from Layou, is expected to head a list of dignitaries slated to show their respects to Anna on her achievement.

Area representative and Deputy Prime Minister Louis also, Layou-born will join the celebrations. Dr. Cecil Cyrus, another son of that community, will join them.

Searchlight joins in congratulating the nation’s newest centenarian. She is one of three such persons who marked anniversaries of 100 years and more over the last week.