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Man shot in head at Walvaroo

Man shot in head at Walvaroo

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Caspar Caine, also known as Dan, a 35-year-old carpenter from Walvaroo was hospitalised last Wednesday evening. Caine became the victim of a burst of shots, which emerged from a gun toting man in a white Toyota Corolla. {{more}}

Details surrounding the outburst are still being pieced together. An incident in the Walvaroo area earlier that afternoon is believed to have triggered off the clash. Amanda Wilson, Caine’s common law wife, saw her husband in the street about forty yards away five minutes before the escapade. She heard some noises later but had no idea that they would have been the blast of gunfire, which pierced her lover.

He received at least two bullets to the head and later died at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

“He was lying in the gutter,” Caine said, as she recounted her version of the event.

Detachments of units from the Rapid Response Unit and Criminal Investigation Department were quickly on the scene, and their investigations into the crime are continuing.

Persons on the road in the Walvaroo area, in the vicinity of the Sion Hill Playing Field, ran for cover when the vehicle rolled into the gap. Caine however, was the only target available and endured the brunt of the onslaught.

Last week Tuesday night, Benjie Theophilus Cottle and Kurt Williams were shot at New Montrose on the outskirts of Kingstown. That matter was still occupying the attention of the police . But their inquiries have intensified with Wednesday’s explosion.