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Severely Burnt

Severely Burnt

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Up to Wednesday, Bernie Lampkin and Margarita Patterson, two Rose Hall residents, were still recovering at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital after suffering burns to their body in a fire last Sunday 19.

That blaze killed their eight-year-old daughter Kesha Patterson who had been flown to Martinique where it was realised that the mission was futile. Kesha was brought back home after spending a day-and-a-half there, but the burns were too severe and she succumbed to her injuries. {{more}}

From their hospital the parents are pondering their next move. However Bernie Lampkin and Margarita Patterson are thankful that their lives have been saved, but there are other matters on their minds.

“Arwe nah even know how arwe house dey now. Me ah wonder way are we ah go go,” Patterson sighed.

She recalled baking that afternoon when the house became engulfed in flames. What caused the inferno is still a matter of speculation, but the family is counting their blessings.

Kesha was not so fortunate. The death of the Grade Three Rose Hall Government School student has left the family and the community in mourning.

Her parents are still grieving, but the strength she displayed in her misfortune has struck a chord of comfort. They both marveled at her courage.

“Within myself, I never see a youth so strong,” Lampkin pointed out.

“This youth was asking you to be strong and she got the worst of it,” he added.

Lampkin was spurred into action when the flames erupted.

He recalled: “I just snatch she and run.”

Lampkin suffered burns to his hands and back, but he regarded it as a mystery that more parts of his body, including his dreadlocks, escaped the fury.

“This fire was like a wicked dragon,” he added.

The stay at the hospital was with mixed feelings for the couple. Other occupants of the house escaped with minor injuries during the fire.

The incident has left Lampkin and his common law wife with a feeling of gratitude. They are thankful to Amor Lashley who supported the family most selflessly. They also had words of gratitude to Rawlins Stapleton for his solidarity and comfort.

The staff at the MCMH has also been lauded for their care though the couple singled out Nurse London from Georgetown for her special attention.

“Them ah big up arwe,” Patterson pointed out.

And for Lampkin, London’s voice serves as a therapy.

Their discharge from the hospital was expected in days given their recovery, but that’s the next area of concern. With most of their possessions lost in the blaze, the couple, has been thankful to the Almighty, but for Patterson: “the only thing, me war some way fuh go.”