Paul’s Avenue Craft Market unveiled
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October 1, 2004
Paul’s Avenue Craft Market unveiled

By October 27, in time for the 25th Anniversary of Independence, Paul’s Avenue will be greatly enhanced.

A new $1.2 million building will be opened to make way for 18 new small businesses which should begin operating in new, more spacious and environmentally attractive surroundings. {{more}}

The facility, designed by architect Aurin Bennett was constructed by JAG

Construction, under Managing Director John Greaves, in just under seven months.

Greaves says he expects to hand over the building in two weeks. At the moment finishing touches are underway with work proceeding into the late evening on fencing and other perimeter embellishments.

Avenues Dancers, a symbol of pride of the area, has a room in the facility, and there is a platform to accommodate musical bands.

Greaves looks at the building as a “good project.”

The opening of the new facility will give rise to the disappearance of several roadshacks from which several different types of small business have been operating along the road in front of the Bishops College compound.

Greaves noted that the congestion on the road caused by the presence of the shacks often made it “hazardous” for road users. He is satisfied that all the new occupants, and especially the food handlers, will now have “clean and proper facilities.”

“It will enhance Paul’s Lot,” Greaves said.

The area, formerly known as ‘Swamp,’ owing to its waterlogged nature, provided the builders with a serious challenge.

He spoke of having to undertake two months work on the foundation battling the presence of water in the subsoil in order to make it fit for construction.

“We had to do a lot of engineering work getting the foundation from one stage to another,” Greaves said.

The Craft Market had been a political ploy for many a year. Former Attorney General Parnel Campbell had first made announcement of intention to have one constructed over ten years ago after he had replaced Eddy Griffith in what was then part of the East Kingstown constituency following his sudden death in 1986.

Now it has been constructed as the ULP quicky moved to remove what had been called an eyesore following their assuming office.

Owners of the new shops have already selected their outlets, after a meeting with Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves last Wednesday.